WeCare is the future of home care


The care of the elderly patient is 99% home care.


The family is no longer left alone to take care of the patient.


Family doctors and nurses do not have to move every time to care for their patients.


– The elderly patients upon hospital discharge often are left alone to continue their treatment at home: not always their relatives and family members can help them.

– Chronic patients become hospital long-term patients due to the impossibility of having adequate support for home therapy.

– Elderly people living alone are fragile subjects: often they have problems communicating their needs even to their family.

– Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases have pharmacological therapies that must be taken precisely: errors / delays / forgetfulness in administration can make them ineffective. Even worse, if not properly treated can lead to longer hospital stays with all its consequences in terms of healthcare costs and the patient’s quality of life.

– Family members are the pivot of the care path and have to be involved by medical and nursing staff. Long-term chronic and multicronical care often becomes social assistance to the family circle.


With WeCare your loved ones assist you every day
WeCare truly sets itself the goal of improving the lives of the elderly and families who care for them, of contributing to the care and helping to maintain an independent life for the elderly in their homes.

Support for the patient. Support to his family. Support for doctors and nurses.
WeCare acts on several levels and can enable better management of the interventions carried out at the patient’s home (visits made only when needed having up-to-date information on medical status, better management of medications with cost reduction).

An App for the patient, family and doctors, a website that is always reachable.
Monitoring of patient status and daily actions: detecting simple vital signs, taking medication, answering questions about patient’s state (emotional, physical, meals, movement, etc.).
Communicate with family members who can monitor daily actions and interact with their loved one (written and voice messages, remember to take medicine or go to the doctor, etc.).
Patient-enabled caregivers can view medical data and take action based on it; they can also provide guidance and help to family members.


WeCare unifies all the people involved in the care of an elderly patient in a single communication circle: family members (caregiver), nurses (private or public), doctors.

Patient, caregiver, nurses and doctors install WeCare App on their favourite Smartphone or use WeCare Web access.

The patient, owner of the control over it’s data, gives access to family members, nurses and doctors to monitor and setup activity, pharmacotherapy, registration of vital parameters and so on. WeCare integrates with wearables, watches and the most popular medical sensors.

Doctor has a clinical dashboard that allows to monitor all the patients followed and their data. WeCare provides doctor and nurses a set of standard clinical alarms and notifications.

At any time it is possible to interact with the patient on the basis of what she recorded (high blood sugar, pain, fever) or she did not do compared to the planned activities (didn’t take drugs, didn’t have lunch).

WeCare uses Blockchain to certify patient clinical data, medical processes, therapies and actions administered by doctors and nurses in order to guarantee data security, protection and immutability.

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